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Multiple industries and sectors are all currently invested in rewriting a mobility model that has remained relatively unchanged for the last 50 years. Finite resources, our environmental impact, population expansion and increasing urban density are driving new ideologies, concepts, technologies and innovations - leading to the most significant shift ever to affect the way we live and move.

In this changing landscape, it is essential that we keep up-to-date with the latest developments and gain knowledgeable insights from leading experts and visionaries of the automotive, transportation and technology sectors, ensuring that we all work together towards a more efficient, cleaner, safer and smarter future for all.

Covering a broad spectrum of content; Smart Infrastructure; Autonomous; Future Transportation; E-Mobility; Connected Car and everything in between, with news, publications and events, New Mobility has it covered.

All the latest news

With new innovations and advancements coming from every corner of the globe, on a minute-by-minute basis newmobility.global is your go-to news site. Covering all the big topics and sharing all the latest breaking news stories, with a weekly Editor’s review of all the big stories direct to your Inbox.

Visions magazine - Change starts with imagination

Driven by exclusive features and interviews from the leading new mobility visionaries of our time, paired with innovative designs to ensure an informative, insightful read – no matter what device. A bi-monthly, dynamic and intuitive publication designed to be an enjoyable read and highly shareable.  

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Global Conferences

Connect with our series of new mobility conferences in key global locations. With exclusive presentations from leading visionaries and insightful debate looking at how new technologies and innovations are defining the future of mobility - all the hot topics are guaranteed to be covered. With exceptional networking at the best venues, and all food and drink included as standard.

Global Awards


With new innovations, ideologies and collaborations in themselves being worthy of celebration, recognition of the leading teams and individuals guiding the mobility revolution is essential. Our Global Awards  celebrate every aspect of the industry; Maas Concept; Connected Award; Visionary Awards plus many more. Exceptional, celebratory events in the very best venues.

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